Anda semua telah menonton filem AYAT AYAT CINTA kan?Dan sekali lagi filem yang diadaptasi dari novel Kang Abik (Habiburrahman El-Shirazi) akan ditayangkan di MAlaysia tidak lama lagi tau..di Indonesia dah sedikit tentang summary filem (saya copy n paste dari internet) Ketika Cinta Bertasbih, a film dircted by Chaerul Umam based on mega Best'best seller book in south east asia and a masterpieace from Indonesian writer, Habiburahman El Shirazy Ketika Cinta Bertasbih. He also write a best seller book before, Ayat-Ayat Cinta and was made it a film and become a box office film in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih it's tell about of the main character, Khairul Azzam'(M. Kholidi Asadil Alam), A 28th young man, an Indonesian collage student in Al Azhar university, Cairo, Egypt. He must finished he's study until 9 years, because after he's father die. Azzam become a patriarch automaticly. an expect to defray him self in Cairo, he also carring his family in Solo, Central Java Indonesia.
The situation make it him to get hardwork day by day, in there he produce Tempe, tempe is Indonesian Traditional food, made it from soybean. Azzam selling the tempe for Indonesian people in there and it's make it Azzam become a popular guy in Ambassador family of Indonesia In there. One day the Ambassador daugther, Eliana (Alice Sofie Norin) invite him to be a apart of Indonesian Traditiaonal Food and Culture day in University of Alexandria. And the moment made it two of them fall in Love, but it's change when Eliana intend to give a french kiss to Azzam, because he helping make it Indonesian traditional food from Jogja for her father, and her father love it.

For Azzam, french kiss is disaster, because in Islam, it wrong and sin when a man and a woman getting kiss before they marriage. Azzam is religius guy, living with Al Quran as he's rule life (all the moslem in the world, absolutly).
From Eliana Driver's, he has an info about rigth women to be his wife, he living with her uncle in Cairo, Egypt. Her also an student in Al Azhar University, Cairo Egypt. Her name is Anna Althafunnisa (Oki Setiana Dewi). But the situation unside with him. Anna Althafunnisa was propose to marriage by he's best friend, Furqon ( Andi Arsyil Rahman). In the other side, Furqon have a big problem. He have HIV AIDS in his body. He know about disease a little while Anna says "I do" to be his wife. It's so complicated for him, he really fall in love but the other side he wan't spread the dying virus to others but he wan't Anna getting marriage with other guy too.

Furqon is a good guy, he is a religius man, he have HIV AIDS with acident. Mysterious girl from Italy, inject the virus when he sleep in his room. Egypt police departement give the exprassion extortion crime in behind the story, that expressed with black latter when the italian girls require $ 200.000 from Furqon. A long story for them to getting true love. And this film giving much religius values for people was watching. Screenplay of Ketika Cinta Bertasbih writen by Imam Tantowi and Produce by Sinemart Picture. Need a long time and Hardwork to find all the character in this film. Sinemart Picture was arrange the audition in several big city in Indonesia for several month. And spending a lot of money to produce this movie, $4.000.000. The Setting of this movie is true depiction of how it's was told in the novel.

The audiance will be spoiled with beautiful imageries of the nile river, Pyramid, Spinxs, and the city of Alexandria. the breath taking view of Mediterranean Sea and Qait Bay tower are only some of wonderfull Egyptian Landscapes we'll find in this movie. And what its more the location of this movie also take it in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. This movie is worth it to watching.
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